Why use social tokens?

2 min readMar 16, 2022


Today is the age of the attention economy. Social media has made it easy to capture an audience’s attention, but the challenge for creators is maintaining that attention. Social tokens allow you to rally your fans into a prosperous community. As all become stakeholders in a social token ecosystem, a financial partnership forms between fans and creators bonding them together towards their collective success.

Longevity for any creator comes from nurturing the growth of your community. Social tokens present a unique opportunity for creators to offer exciting incentives for fans. Your social token becomes the key to membership in a community, such as a discord server. You can incentivize new fans with exciting perks for holding your social token. As your fanbase grows, a thriving economy forms which rewards all holders of your token.

Social tokens are uniquely adaptable for building a community. You can create exclusivity and membership tiers with your token which offer special rewards for top holders, but at the end of the day your token allows anyone to become a fan. Social tokens allow creators to welcome an unlimited amount of fans into their community, yet still reward their most dedicated fans. Social tokens simultaneously offer exclusivity and inclusivity making them a powerful tool for cultivating a dedicated group of followers.

The possibilities for rewards are endless. Creators can offer access to digital hangouts, airdrop artwork to holders, or even offer tickets to exclusive events. Tokens can be used as rewards for contests, raffles, or tournaments. Most importantly they allow you to maintain an engaged community, and control your monetization. Gone are the days of profit sharing with a web2.0 platform as creators seize control of tokenized web3 economics.

Wum.bo provides a platform that integrates seamlessly into twitter allowing creators to bridge the gap between web 2.0 and web3. The ease of use makes it simple to onboard non-crypto native users into this new economy. The Wum.bo team is excited to help you along in your journey to economic self-empowerment for yourself and your community of fans. Hop in our discord and we’ll help you strategize ways to reward your fans and monetize your brand with social tokens.

The future of the internet is in the hands of creators. Traditional forms of monetization will become a thing of the past as our perceptions on monetization change. It’s time to join the social token revolution and take the power of tokenized economics into your hands. You are the token, claim it!